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GRIDIO is the ultimate techno toy

an interactive system that allows visitors to 'play' a developing repertoire of audio visual compositions

Pressure-sensors on the grid-patterned floor detect movements of people within the installation and this triggers multiple simultaneous audiovisual clips. Video from the clips is mixed on a large projection screen, associated audio through a loudspeaker system. ...a giant human audiovisual sequencer originally developed by dance legends Coldcut + UK VJs Headspace (now mainly performing as the VJammAllstars) for the Sonic Process exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2002.

GRIDIO tours the world acquiring new compositions. It's first appearance was at the MACBA in Barcelona. A subsequent revision, GRIDIO 1.5 - Tunnelvisions, was built by Brightonart as part of the 'Berg der Erinnerungen' (Mountain of Memories) exhibition in Graz European Capital of Culture 2003. As a bonus the installation also features brand-new content adapted from the Coldcut and VJammAllstars live shows.

GRIDIO would not be possible without the generous support and ultimate wizardry of Camart's VJamm software and Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers. thanks!

www.vjamm.com · www.bowers-wilkins.com